To ensure clients get the maximum benefit from their investment, we offer consulting services that support the procurement process, as well as high-quality documentation.

Why are projects undertaken, and why is the system acquired?

An example of consulting services for the investment planning phase is the value creation model, which describes the impact of the Digital Signage system on business.

The service provides clients with the ability to understand how business benefits and the value of the Digital Signage system are generated in their own business.

It is possible to define metrics for achieving benefits.



iConnect offers modern content services for various environments.

The cloud-based service allows clients to utilize data from other systems in real-time in a visually clear manner. With ready-made tools, it’s also possible to integrate clients’ social media channels into the content. Through implemented projects, iConnect can advise on how to utilize different data and social media channels in various operational environments.



Our service includes the design and ideation of communication solutions, as well as the implementation and installation of the solution.

In addition, we offer services for smooth deployment, training, comprehensive reporting, and maintenance. To ensure our services remain up-to-date and meet our clients’ needs in the future, we continuously develop them. We always design solutions from the perspective of the client’s operational environment and target audience, maximizing the system’s effectiveness.

Our workshop services and creative capabilities practically implement content management projects and understand the possibilities and organizational needs related to the management system. Our deployment services aim to optimize resources for initiating content management. The goal of our operation and maintenance services is to ensure smooth and trouble-free content management and the technical operation.

Our documentation services describe the display network environment and its purpose, including target groups, users, and stakeholders. Documentation also defines the display network’s programs, devices, and content in use.

The service includes designing display solutions and installations according to usage needs. We have extensive experience in utilizing and installing various displays and display surfaces in different environments. Thanks to good supplier relationships, we can offer products from all major display manufacturers at competitive prices. Additionally, our network allows us to find solutions for even the most demanding and extensive projects requiring the use of LED surfaces. These solutions can also be used for short-term implementations, such as events and exhibitions.

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The system’s remote management and monitoring have been implemented for demanding needs.

Through our maintenance service, we can monitor the functionality of our clients’ systems in real-time. In addition to technical maintenance, we offer support throughout the customer relationship. This ensures that clients always receive the support they need for efficient system use.