Move away from the labor-intensive task of attaching paper prints to bulletin boards and switch to real-time communication. With a digital information display, you can manage interesting information cost-effectively.

An easy-to-use and secure information display software gathers and condenses the most important internal messages of the property for everyone to see. The communication is compiled on topics essential for the property users.

In addition to current affairs, what can be communicated through display messaging?

  • Publish notices from the property manager, maintenance company, and the board of the housing cooperative
  • Create informational snippets about the property’s services or campaigns/strong>
  • Implement the property’s values related to rules and practices at the ground level
  • Improve safety by regularly reminding of safety instructions
  • Introduce local services, bus schedules, and store services
  • Display real-time weather information and news feed
  • Display positive resident feedback for everyone to see
  • Anything else? Let us know your needs; we’re here to help with the design.

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