EnGage Content Management Software

An advanced and versatile cloud-based digital platform that is scalable and enables centralized remote management of displays. The technology is secure and reliable. Monitoring and reporting tools have been developed for demanding needs.

EnGage is user-friendly and offers various content update, scheduling, and targeting tools to meet the diverse needs and operational models of customers. Content is created and stored in the cloud.

User-friendly, drag-and-drop tools allow for the creation of professional-looking multimedia content with just a few clicks – no graphic design or programming skills are needed.

In addition to full-screen presentation, EnGage allows for splitting the screen into different sections, and these layout areas can be customized to fit one’s preference.

Standard media content can be combined with ready-to-use content functionalities (widgets), announcements using pre-designed templates, HTML5 content, and live feeds.

Built-in content functionalities (widgets) provide supplementary content to traditional images and videos. Add scrolling text banners, weather, date/time, streaming/live video, QR codes, RSS feeds, web pages, HTML code, and much more.