The digital environment of businesses is becoming increasingly multidimensional, and its importance to business operations continues to grow. For this reason, Digital Signage information display solutions are increasingly becoming a part of the coherent communication strategy across various industries.

A Digital Signage procurement project is a communicational and content management change initiative that can impact many aspects, including corporate image, operational culture, responsibility, as well as customer and employee experiences.

An information display solution can significantly clarify and simplify matters, reducing the back-and-forth “movement” chasing information. For example, communication between different units of a company becomes more effortless when targeted information can be efficiently shared.

The goals of the procurement project should reflect the general objectives of the company, so the solution can be correctly designed and sized to fit the company’s operational environment and integrated as part of other communication channels and business processes. This way, the solution can create as much added value for the company and measurable results as possible.

The content on digital information displays can activate staff to make observations and suggestions for improvements or directly influence staff actions. Staff can also easily act as content producers, which increases the display’s noticeability and the spirit of collaboration.


“Motivated and committed employees increase productivity. 59% of employees say they get their best and most creative ideas through their work.”


Different communication channels and integrations

Considering the existing communication channels and workflow processes of companies in the planning of the procurement project is crucial. The content for the displays, based on their physical locations, is defined based on these needs, thereby reducing the back-and-forth movement of people chasing information. The information display system can automatically share information from the company’s Intranet, Extranet, websites, ERP systems, social media, and other communication channels.

In addition to system integrations, increasingly, the information display environment can serve as a simultaneous communication channel for multiple entities, a capability that existing systems may not necessarily offer.


iConnect services in the procurement project

iConnect offers services to clients at different stages of the procurement project, before or after the procurement decision. Often in the mapping and planning phase, the client wants to create the capabilities for implementing the content management project in practice. At this stage, clients are often provided with a POC/demo, which enables them to understand the opportunities provided by the content management system and the organization’s needs related to these. Clients often also use the POC/demo in launching the procurement project, as the display often speaks for itself.

The mapping and planning phase of the procurement project can be based on practical implementations from various industries worldwide.

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