Merihaka Helsinki

Staircase displays for resident communication.

    • Real Estate and Housing Cooperatives

iConnect provided modern digital displays for the staircase to replace traditional resident and information boards in Helsinki’s Merihaka.

The project aimed to modernize resident communication during staircase renovations and bring communication methods up to date. The appropriate model for maintaining resident information was identified, and considerations were made regarding what information would be of interest to residents and how traditional print-based communication could be effectively managed using digital display technology.

The decision was made to install two adjacent 55-inch enclosed information displays. One display shows resident listings, while the other displays announcements and other information. In collaboration with the client, it was agreed that in addition to traditional communication, the displays would initially show bus schedules, weather updates, and news feeds. Following iConnect’s approach, content will be further developed based on feedback to better serve residents and enhance living comfort.

As technology advances, it becomes increasingly cost-effective in many cases to implement resident communication using digital information displays rather than traditional methods.