Kiuruvesi-lehti Ltd

The information display is Kiuruvesi Lehti Ltd's new communication channel.

    • Media and Communication

Often awarded as the best weekly local newspaper in the country, Kiuruvesi-lehti transitioned to real-time digital news reporting in the spring of 2021. The latest news becomes available to subscribers immediately after publication in the digital newspaper. A new step in the digital world occurred when the newspaper expanded its digital communication to an information display.

News published online by the editorial team automatically appears on the information display for people walking on the street as well. In addition to the latest news, the display shows advertising from the newspaper itself and its clients. Alongside the news headline displayed, there is a QR code that allows subscribers to log in and read the full article. For non-subscribers, the display offers a trial subscription.

Kiuruvesi Lehti Ltd considers acquiring more displays for the Kiuruvesi city center area in the near future. Purchases can be made together with advertising clients, who can also update their own content alongside the news offerings.