Espoo Parish Union

Information displays support the church's work and events.

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Espoo Parish Union used to inform about its events and services through traditional notice boards and publications of the Parish Union. The events include hundreds of activities such as masses, Bible and discussion groups, concerts, excursions, as well as various services for children and youth. A better solution was needed to address this situation.

iConnect built a display network and content management system for the Parish Union. New displays can be added to the network cost-effectively. Instead of relying on the parish’s internet connection, the solution was implemented using 4G connections. Each display was selected to meet the specific requirements of its location in terms of size, depth, and brightness.

The collaboration between iConnect and Espoo Parish Union has been deemed successful, with digital information displays proving effective for communication. According to customer feedback, the displays have successfully reached the target audience. iConnect has also supplied Digital Signage display systems to other parish unions.